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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 29, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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the continuing fallout from the australian ball tampering affair which has today including the resignation of coach darren lehmann and table apologies from steve smith and table apologies from steve smith and cameron bancroft. there was a lighter moment as well in all of the intense press conferences when south african captain was interrupted mid—flow. look at this. african captain was interrupted mid-flow. look at this. perhaps it needed what happened now it has been... phones ringing that's a shocking ring tone! wow. another question? can we report him to that ringtone. one of the few smiles today. that's all for now stop more sport three evening for you. some breaking news: russia has summoned the us ambassador
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and is expelling around 60 us diplomats in retaliation for measures taken by washington over the poisoning of sergei skripal. the russian foreign ministry said it will close the us consulate in saint petersburg and that the diplomats should leave the country by next thursday. that is a pulled the fifth. moscow has also called for an emergency meeting of the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons. 58 us dead rats in moscow and to general consulate officials in ——
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diplomats in moscow, all expelled as a direct requirement as a retaliation of the expulsion of 60 russian diplomats from the united states will stop there are a couple of developments in salisbury tonight — the poisoned daughter of the russian spy sergei skripal is improving in hospital, having been in a critical condition. police in the area have cordoned off a children's playground as a precaution. let's speak to daniel sandford in salisbury. tell us more about the latest developments? this has been an incredibly significant 2a hours in this investigation. first of all came the news that the front door of sergei skripal‘s has had become the most likely original source of the nerve agent. that is because that is where the highest levels of the nerve agent contamination were found but then this afternoon came news from then this afternoon came news from the nhs that yulia skripal was
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responding well to treatment and was no longer in a critical condition stop to simply is described as a sta ble stop to simply is described as a stable condition will stop i understand separately to that she is actually both conscious and talking which of course means that she will be able to talk to counterterrorism detective. she will be able to give a first—hand account of what she experienced on that sunday three and a half weeks ago when she became contaminated with nerve agent. whether she will be able to shed some light on how she became contaminated is not so clear but of course the key thing is whether or not the contamination did come from the front door, from the front door handle where perhaps a gel containing the nerve agent was smeared and i understand that yes, her left hand certainly had some contamination on it and herfather‘s right hand had some contamination on it and so thatjust adds to the weight of that current theory. thank you romesh indeed daniel. the nobel peace prize winner malala yousafzai has returned
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to pakistan for the first time since she was shot by taliban militants in 2012. malala, who is now 20, was shot in the head because she was campaigning for girl's education. alison freeman reports. under the cover of darkness and amid tight security malala yousafzai returned home to pakistan. it was the first visit by the human rights activist since she was shot by the taliban in 2012. malala met the prime minister, and went on to take the stage at his office to give an emotional speech, often wiping away tears. it was broadcast on state tv. i still can't believe it, that this is actually happening. malala was shot in the head by gunmen five and a half years ago. she has been campaigning for girls' education in the swart valley which at the time was a militant stronghold.
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now an oxford university student having lived in the uk ever since, in 2014 she became the youngest person to win the nobel peace prize. but today she recognised the changes in her home country. from growing up in the swat valley, from 2002 2009, seeing the extremes, seeing how many difficulties women and girls face in our society and how we can fight against those challenges, i can move on the street and meet people and talk to people, and it is my old home again, the place i grow up. her trip is expected to last four days but it is not clear if she will visit her home town of swat. britain's two oldest men, born on the same day, have been celebrating their 110th birthdays. alfred smith, from perthshire, seen here
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on the left and robert weighton, who lives in hampshire, were born in 1908. they have now lived through two world wars and 29 general elections. the men have never met, but have exchanged birthday cards in recent years. many happy returns to both of them! time for a look at the weather with stav danaos. a lots of sunshine around this morning, but then rain broke in. is weather front you can see here belongs to this area of low pressure. there's also another weather front in scotland producing with snow. this way it moves northwards over tonight, at into the far south of scotland, with winter airover far south of scotland, with winter air over the high grounds. a quieter story further south with clearing
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showers, and generally for most it should be largely frost free although cold. and easter weekend will be mixed, cool rain at times but no wash—out, there will be some sunshine, the best on sunday. this is good friday, cloudy across northern england, at rates of rain here, so they gain over the high grounds, and a window of wide drying weather for the england and wales, rain pushing in later in the day. on the cool side, temperatures of full degrees. cloud now brace of rain with is weather front bringing a wednesday, sunday, the best weather are infar wednesday, sunday, the best weather are in far north of scotland, and wintry over the high grounds. a cool day in parts. in between the weather fronts, the driest day of easter weekend on easter sunday, cloud around bits of dryness around the
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mad the weather fronts arriving in scotla nd mad the weather fronts arriving in scotland rains in wet weather here. this is the weather from responsible for that wet weather, making his way northwards across the country and in to easter monday. it will bump it isn't cool air lying across the uk pretty much during the whole of the weekend and as it does make its way forward then we are likely to see some spells of snow. wet snow down into lower levels on sunday, spreading its way northwards. but backwards into rain on easter monday. the best of the weather on scotla nd monday. the best of the weather on scotland on monday. the smoke could perhaps speculate at lower levels so keep tuned to the forecast. —— the snow. broke you're watching beyond 100 days... in one year and four hours, britain will leave the european union. what's been sorted and how much
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more is there to do? on a whirlwind tour of the united kingdom, theresa may tells the country she will make a post—brexit britain, "strong and united". i think there's a bright future out there, and, yes, ithink brexit i think there's a bright future out there, and, yes, i think brexit is going to deliver, a country that will be different, but i think there are real opportunities for us as an independent nation for the future. but what does that future look like? for trade, for the irish border, for immigration, forjobs — we'll attempt to find out. yes, the clock is ticking — yes, that's a cliche — we look at the language of brexit — cherry picking, cake eating — what's your favourite?
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